City of Glendale Award

City of Glendale’s award for their Move More Challenge.

Whether you’re new to Walker Tracker or a seasoned veteran who has run multiple wellness challenges, you’re likely always looking for ways to keep your participants motivated. We’ve worked with a lot of programs over the past 10+ years and we know this can be tough.

One recommendation is to offer rewards to participants. These incentives do not have to be monetary. You can offer your staff a variety of options, such as an extra half day of PTO, end of challenge celebration, a work from home day or a fun trophy they can display on their desk (check out City of Glendale’s golden sneaker award on the right). We recommend you determine the prize that will best fit your organization’s culture.

Walker Tracker’s platform has an array of features that you can use to not only share your selected rewards, but also motivate all of your participants. You can do so much more than offering the prize to the first person to finish the challenge.

Here’s our list of 5 ways Walker Tracker keeps your group engaged and motivated.

1. Communication is Key – Stay in touch with your users throughout your program. Use your portal’s email or notices to share fun facts, inspiring message or updates. Our research shows admins with higher interaction increase retention by at least 12%.

2. Take A Picture – The newsfeed is a great place for participants to share photos of where they’ve hiked or what they do to keep healthy and active. Award the best photo that shows your staff members working together to stay healthy.

3. Puzzling Milestone Markers – During an activity challenge, your participants collect milestone markers along their virtual route. Create a prize pin that offers an award to the first person who views it. Share puzzle pieces or other content that your members must collect in order to be eligible for a final prize.

4. Long-Term Goal to Walk Across the U.S. – If you’ve chosen an annual program with Walker Tracker, set up a long-term goal with your users to walk all the way across North America. You can view your progress at the top of the newsfeed. Once you reach the collective goal of 5,946,000 steps create an office event to celebrate your achievement.

5. Weekly Incentives – Your challenge has started but you don’t have to wait until the end to see results. Walker Tracker offers you lots of stats on how your participants are doing during the challenge. Set up weekly goals for your participants to reach. This keeps them going throughout the challenge and can get everyone past the mid-challenge slump. View the stats section in your portal or talk to your customer success manager about what data is available to you.

These are only 5 ways that Walker Tracker’s platform can assist with motivation. There are numerous other ways to keep your members active and engaged. Be sure to check in with your customer success manager for more suggestions on how Walker Tracker can work for you. Let us know what motivation tips you have. We always want to hear new ways to inspire people to stay healthy and have fun being active.

* Your Walker Tracker program may not include all the features listed above. Please contact your customer success manager for more ideas on what features will work best for your organization.