Summer can be an interesting time to stay committed to exercise for you and your organization. For some, the longer days make it easier to stay active, but for others, motivation wanes during the summer months. So, what can you do to encourage your participants to stay active when schedules are consistently inconsistent or a lunchtime walking buddy goes on vacation?

When the struggle to get moving is real, it might be best to turn to another form of fitness inspiration–your phone! Encourage your organization to use the Walker Tracker app to track activities on the go, but also stay accountable to a goal and connected with each other.

Walker Tracker ChallengesWe bet you can count on one hand the rare occasions you purposely left your phone at home. Our phones are always with us, giving us the perfect opportunity to track or sync activities, document progress, get and give encouraging comments, or share photos from that super awesome hike or that post-spin glow.

Create a new challenge with Walker Tracker to push you and your employees to reach a daily step goal or fit in a weightlifting session two times a week. A comment on a challenge entry may not be as personal as a high-five from your best workout buddy, but it’s still the incentive some of us need to keep going. If someone shares a photo of that awesome place they got their steps in, it may inspire you or someone else in your organization to hit the trails or try a new class at the gym. A small challenge will motivate everyone–to either prove they can stick to a regime in the absence of a regular workout partner, or prove to challenge friends that even on vacation they can crush goals.

How do you encourage your organization to stay active during the summer months? Do you continue to hold your workout buddies accountable or take the time to relax and reset? Share your tips with us in the comments below or on social media using the hashtag #walkertrackersummer and tagging @walkertracker.