Like any other company initiative, the Wellness Program can take on a life of its own, requiring a significant portion of your time to administer.   At Walker Tracker, we’ve found that the most successful programs involve detailed planning, ample budget, and relentless follow through to make sure things get done.   Many HR professionals simply don’t have the time or inclination to be project managers for their wellness program.

This is where your broker can likely help.

Since healthcare reform became law, and especially since it’s been validated by the Court and by the November elections, insurance brokers are facing a fundamental change to their business model.   Instead of making money on commissions, they now need to move to a consulting model.   As a company, this works in your favor since your broker is probably developing significant expertise in wellness program implementation.

Our advice?    Tap this expertise as much as you can.

Here’s a great example.   One of our clients, Burnham Benefits, is a California based benefits consulting firm that works with a variety of corporate clients in the US.    They have developed comprehensive wellness programs for their clients based on their years of experience with benefits design, and their knowledge of how to motivate employees to action.

This article describes a fantastic and successful program they created for a Southern California law firm.

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