The majority of people around the world list walking or running as their primary form of fitness—just like us at Walker Tracker. Walking and running require minimal equipment and you can basically do it anywhere!

However, some people like to add a team sport to their fitness repertoire. It may not come as a surprise that of all the recreational team sports played around the globe, soccer, football, basketball, cricket, rugby and tennis rank as the most popular. But as culinary cuisines vary from country to country, so do the popular national sports. You may have heard of some of these, but others you may not know.

  • Rodeo (Chile): Chilean rodeo is the country’s national sport and ranks as the second most popular sport in the country. A Chilean rodeo is a celebration of Chilean culture and idealism of the huaso, or cowboy.
  • Bandy (Sweden & Russia): Bandy is a game similar to ice hockey, but played with a ball instead of a puck. All World Championships except the 2004 match-up have been won by one of these two countries. Russia claims bandy as its national sport.
  • Table Tennis (China): There are 1.4+ billion people in China, and it’s said that 300 million play occasionally. You could say the Chinese Men’s and Women’s National Table Tennis teams are masters of the world: the Women’s team has won all but two World Championships since 1971, and the Men’s team has won 60% of World Championships since 1959.
  • Sumo Wrestling (Japan): Professional sumo wrestling is enveloped in ceremony, whereas amateur sumo wrestling is not as celebrated, but still popular. Women are not allowed to participate professionally in the sport, but there is a form of sumo wrestling for women who wish to partake.

Are you one of the majority or do you participate in an out-of-the-norm sport? Share it with us below. And no matter how you choose to stay physically fit, make sure you track your activity with Walker Tracker*.

*If you don’t see that feature, notify your Program Administrator to request activity tracking.