We do a lot of data visualization here on Walker Tracker, not the least of which is using maps to visualize data (oops! Not yet announced!). For this reason, I really love the work of David McCandless on informationisbeautiful.net. He takes huge amounts of data and makes it visually stunning, and very easy to, for lack of a better word, grok.

His latest work – “Snake Oil? Scientific Evidence for Health Supplements” is relevant to anyone who ponders whether to take a Vitamin C for their next cold (spoiler: maybe), take Folic Acid if you’re pregnant (spoiler: Yes!), or Vitamin E for your heart (spoiler: might be best to try something else).

Here’s the image version

The interactive version allows you to isolate them by cause

As my friend Dr. David Naimon pointed out, not all supplements are evenly studied. The chart might be a little deceiving as some of the items low on the list may have also received inadequate testing.