Utilizing the Activity to Steps Converter

If you like to keep track of your daily activity levels, tracking your steps is a key component. It feels especially crucial when you’re participating in a step challenge. But what do you do if you forget your tracking device or complete an activity that your device doesn’t take into account? 

Enter the activity to steps converter.

Steps to Activities Conversion Comes Standard

Instead of trying to search for a biking to steps converter or find the formula for rowing to steps conversion, we want to simplify the process of converting every activity to be included in your step count.

At Walker Tracker, we believe that all physical movement is important. Whether it’s because of interest, activity availability, body type, ability level, or fitness level, our converter offers a way to honor all types of activity. 

Our activity to steps conversion formula is based on research done by Purdue University. 

Using the Online Activity to Steps Converter

To add an activity entry, log into your Walker Tracker account and follow these steps:

Select the date of your activity. The converter defaults to the current date, so if it happened on an earlier day, be sure to change it!

Then, click “Convert an activity” and choose from the activity options. Enter the total number of minutes and click “Calculate.”

Select your desired activity from nearly 200 in the database! Note, each program can select their desired activities to simplify this list.

Click “Record activity” to save your entry.

Finalize by selecting “Add entry.”

Convert Activity to Steps on the Mobile App

This is what the above process looks like on mobile. Turn taps to steps in seconds!

Activity to Steps Converter - Page 1

Activity Converter Best Practices

Prevent cheating or mistakes with these quick tips.

Here are some tips on best use of the activity converter to prevent overcounting, double tracking, or other errors. Follow these tips to keep everyone on a level playing field.

  • Some activities provide accurate step counts, such as aerobics, running, jogging, walking, and hiking. If you’re wearing your tracking device during one of these, recording your activity using the converter will count as double and skew your true step count.
  • The activity converter is based on engaged activity. So, if you’re snowboarding, only log the time you’re on the slopes— not the whole day. Likewise, if you’re at the climbing gym, only log the amount of time you’re on the wall. For example, our CRO, Rob, usually takes his time at the gym and divides it by 5 to keep himself honest.


Comparing Activity to Steps

Did you know you can even convert steps for activities like cooking and washing a car? Did you know that some activities actually merit more steps per minute than a walk or even a run? Check out how a few other activities compare in this step conversion chart:

Activity Steps per minute
Walking at an average pace 84
Running a 12-minute mile 178
Bowling 71
Fishing  91
Horseback riding  90
Mowing the lawn 120
Rock climbing 244
Sledding 158
Tennis  200

No matter how you choose to incorporate physical activity into your life, get moving and know that Walker Tracker is here to support you!

Our Activity Converter and So Much More

Walker Tracker goes far beyond step challenges by including people of all ability levels, body types, and fitness levels in wellness programs that can include mindfulness, mental health, sleep, diet, and more! Invest in your organization and your members with Walker Tracker's wellness software.