National Walking Day has always been Walker Tracker’s favorite holiday. This year we celebrate it on Wednesday, April 3rd as it kicks off 
Move More Month. A month-long celebration from the American Heart Association, encouraging all of us to be more active and commit to physical activity. What is the best way to enjoy National Walking Day and Move More Month?  Engage in 30 minutes of walking on the 3rd and make a plan to be physically active throughout the month of April.

Fun & Easy Ways to Celebrate
Walking, or any type of physical activity doesn’t have to be drudgery.  You can have fun while you get in your 30-minute walk on National Walking Day. Here are a couple of ideas on how to have fun while being active during Move More Month:

  • Feel the Rhythm – Music is a great motivator and can set the pace for your walk or exercise routine.  Make sure that the songs you choose have the right tempo, or beats per minute, to fuel your workout. Take a look at Livestrong’s music recommendations for your workout.  You can also subscribe to a site like for music lists based on the beats per minute, genre or decade that will make sure you get up and moving!
  • Set Up a Photo Scavenger Hunt – That’s Walker Tracker’s plan for our office celebration on National Walking Day. Our staff is breaking into teams and will be given a list of “things to watch for”. The teams will challenge each other to bring back the most photo evidence of the items on the list. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook we’ll be sharing the details of our hunt very soon.
  • Be a Tourist – Walk around your neighborhood and explore those places you always talk about but never visit.
  • Treasure Hunting for Geocaches – Have you ever wanted to search for hidden treasure? Then you need to check out geocaching! All over the globe, people are hiding caches (small treasures). Sign up at and your smartphone will become a GPS tracker leading you to buried treasure.
  • Tag – You’re It – Did you know there is a group of friends that have been playing the same game of tag for over 30 years? You can check out their story here and get inspired to start your own game. You don’t need that type of dedication, but revisiting the simple game of tag may be a great way to get in some exercise with friends.

Celebrate and Enter Our Raffle
Celebrate National Walking Day with Walker Tracker!  Share a photo on Instagram or Facebook of your Walker Tracker step count or a photo of you out and moving on April 3rd.  Use the hashtags #WalkerTracker #ThisIsHowIWalk and you’ll be entered in a raffle for a prize. Get ready, get moving, have fun, and be healthy!

Month Long Celebration with Specials for New Programs
We are celebrating Move More Month with special offers for new programs that sign up throughout the month of April. Let’s talk about Moving More with your organization and how Walker Tracker can partner with you!

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