This Sunday is Father’s Day, and we’re recognizing the men who helped shape the lives Walker Tracker employees. Read on for the activities we used to do with our dads, healthy habits they tried to teach us and what motivates them to keep moving everyday.

Are there any healthy activities you like to do with your kids in the past or present?

We hiked and camped together.Jan Parzybok, father to Ben Parzybok, Founder/CTO

Yes, walking and just being with her. She makes a cloudy day sunny.David Welsh, dad to Taylor Welsh, CEO

When Jill was growing up we’d go on bike rides, camping and she’d tag along with me when I’d go surfing on the weekends. I also enjoyed supporting her and her high school crew team at races.Buz Moran, pops to Jill Moran, Marketing Assistant

When Cy was a kid we rode bikes around the neighborhood and at Sunriver, and played a lot of basketball. As adults we like to walk and talk on the wooded hiking trails around Kings Valley.Rick Cooper, father to Cy Cooper, Business Development Executive

Do you have any healthy habits or healthy tips you live by and tried to install in your Walker Tracker child?

Walk through your stiffness and/or pain.Jan Parzybok (Ben)

Maintain a healthy diet, we tried to limit sweets and candy (but Jill’s grandma sometimes had other ideas), early to bed and early to rise, encouraging her to read was important to her mom and me.Buz Moran (Jill)

Low fats, low sugars, lots of fruits and veggies, moderate amounts of meat and grains, lots of water, no smoking, moderate alcohol.Rick Cooper (Cy)

What inspires you to get up and get moving every day?

Surprises, there is always something new and wonderful each day. The excitement of living and participating keeps one healthy and emotionally fit.David Welsh (Taylor)

Life. I like getting up and going to work every day and living an active life. I don’t want to get stale and miss out on life.Bill Green, dad to Stephanie Green, VP of Business Development

Raising and providing for my family, taking our two dogs out for their walk, catching the early waves, going bike riding or hiking before it got too hot or crowded.Buz Moran (Jill)

Is there anything you’d like to share about your Walker Tracker son or daughter?

She is the most amazing young woman!!! She works hard and plays hard. She enjoys the journey (most of the time) and is positive and uplifting. She brings sunshine into peoples lives. She is a joy to be around.David Welsh (Taylor)

Stephanie definitely got my energy, and is like me in that she doesn’t sit still. She constantly is go go go, so she found the perfect job! Stephanie is determined. She knows what she wants in life and is going to get it, and, heaven help me, now I have a granddaughter who is the same way.Bill Green (Stephanie)

Like his mom, Cy has always been a highly kinetic person. As a kid and young adult he was almost always in motion, biking, inline skating, skateboarding, playing soccer, snowboarding, or dancing. Even when he’s sitting still, his mind is in constant motion–analyzing, processing, philosophizing, planning, strategizing, formulating, visualizing…Rick Cooper (Cy)

I am patiently waiting for Ben’s third novel.Jan Parzybok (Ben)