The Ultimate Platform for Employee Engagement and Wellness

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Wellness Solutions to keep your workforce healthy & happy 

We make it easy to run wellness and activity challenges that will increase staff engagement, build team camaraderie and improve employee health.

Our built-in activity converter translates activities into steps, and Walker Tracker pairs with virtually every fitness device or app – so no one’s left out. We collect and display that real-time wellness data on a private and secure virtual map and fun leaderboard. We are here to help you build wellness into culture by making healthy behaviors fun and accessible so that everyone can live healthier and happier lives.


It’s fun, inclusive team building that helps everyone achieve their personal wellness goals.

What makes Walker Tracker better

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Device Compatibility

Walker Tracker pairs to virtually all popular devices with seamless integration

activity icon

Activity Converter

A built-in converter that translates activities into steps, with over 120 exercises, including wheelchair accessibility

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Onboarding Support & Playbooks

Easy onboarding and continued support

icon of a map

Virtual Maps

Promote fun, engaging walking and activity challenges among members

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Social Tools

Tools for teams, commenting, photo sharing, message boards, and friend lists

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Wellness Tools

Help promote good health with a suite of tools for body and mind

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Download reports that display step, wellness, or engagement statistics based on individuals or teams

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Communication Suite

Automated progress emails and easy admin communication newsletters increase motivation