One of the most important tools we offer is the ability for an organization’s wellness advocate to communicate with employees. For this reason, Walker Tracker’s ‘Email walkers’ feature is one of our most popular features. It lets you send pretty, html-based emails and after your mailing is finished it tells you exactly how many people it reached. There’s nothing like this kind of direction communication for raising the stake and throwing a little excitement into a walking challenge.

However, we began to realize there were two distinct audiences that an administrator might like to reach.

Active walkers — these are people who are fully engaged and enjoying the program. An email about who won which incentive, how everyone is doing in the challenge or a little bit of encouragement is a great choice for this audience.

Lapsed walkers — In our mind, this is our most important audience. Perhaps they’ve became discouraged, or perhaps you’re between challenges and looking to start a new one. Maybe they need an extra hand or a little impetus.

You can now choose between these audiences (or email everyone too) in the Email Users pane in your admin panel.

Let us know what you think!