Cycling to work puts a smile on my face and is a great way to fit cardio into my routine. Now we’re hearing from scientists at the University of Glasgow that bicycling to work daily may greatly reduce the risk of developing cancer and heart disease.

In a study published in the British Medical Journal, researchers analyzed data from a group of 250,000 British commuters who cycled at least 30 miles per week. The participants of the study were tracked over 5 years and the results indicated that cancer incidences were reduced by 45%, heart disease by 46%, and death from any cause by an astounding 41%.

Although it is not possible to pin down a clear cause and effect through this study, the positive results were still there after removing variables such as smoking, gender, age, weight, and income. The resulting evidence concludes that a daily bike ride makes a strong positive impact on your health.

This study’s results tell us that adding more physical activity into our daily routines can improve our quality and duration of life. We don’t need to join a gym or attempt to run a marathon. Anything that gets your heart racing and out of breath can make a difference – so hop on your bike, jump in the pool, go out for a walk or move like lightning as you tidy your home.