A lot has changed in the last 6 years.  We’ve seen major shifts in the way employee wellbeing program are delivered, the metrics tracked, and the definition of ‘success’.  Over that period the City of Goodyear has achieved some incredible goals – they’ve completed 39 physical activity and wellness challenges, logged almost 1 billion steps and 5,000 water entries, and grown participation by 269%.  In 2022 they have over 40% participation.  

In this case study we dive in to their goals and how they achieved them.  Here are some highlights:

Include spouses/partners and family members. 

This drives motivation outside the workplace.  When you’re participating in challenges and embracing new habits, it’s helpful to have support both at work and at home.

Be creative with marketing. 

As expert Carrie Lumia, Wellness Coordinator at City of Goodyear, says – get creative!  Communicate early and often to participants about upcoming events and incentives, make it fun, try new things and don’t draw within the lines. Channel your organizations’ unique culture.  People want to be a part of something larger than themselves and culture drives this purpose.

Try something new.

Encouraging people to move more is a great place to start and brings teams together over a common goal.  Layering on new wellbeing metrics keeps a program interesting, fun, and broadens their understanding of a complete picture of health.  

What’s next for the City of Goodyear?  As we head into the hottest months of the year – they shift their focus from movement to hydration and self-care.  Tracking other metrics both educates members and empowers them to build healthy habits into their lives all year long.

A gratitude challenge is also planned for later this year, during which members earn points for responding to gratitude prompts, and sharing journal and photo entries.

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