Corvel Corporation is a healthcare administration company with employees across the U.S. In 2015, CorVel merged with Symbeo, a business process automation platform. The company then moved into a new office in downtown Portland. 

Office managers were tasked with creating a culture of wellness, and they were extremely successful. They consistently shared wellness information and found ways to encourage physical activity. 150 headquarter employees participated in quarterly step challenges, and CorVel set a new goal to engage the thousands of employees spread throughout the country. This proved to be a worthy, but challenging, ambition. 

What was the problem?

The step challenges were completely run by office managers, and keeping up with daily step counts went something like this—

  1. Employees reach final step count for the day
  2. Employees email step count to their office manager
  3. Office manager records totals and manually tracks results on communication wall
  4. Steps 1-3 needed to include 7 days of step counts for 150 employees, all manually tracked.

The system motivated and engaged employees, but was a drain of time and energy for those administering the step challenges. There also wasn’t an adequate way to track activities that didn’t produce a straightforward step count. Expanding the existing processes to involve employees nationwide was definitely not an option.

There had to be a simpler, efficient solution.

The answer: A partnership with Walker Tracker

In 2019, CorVel paired up with Walker Tracker to try out an entirely new method of facilitating activity challenges using an online platform. No more step count emails & no more manually charting data to display. Everything employees needed was within the Walker Tracker platform. 

Participants could sync their wearables with the platform for a digital record of their steps. Even better, the Walker Tracker Activity Converter allowed participants to also track the step count generated by dozens of physical activities. No matter an employee’s fitness and ability level, there was a way to stay engaged. 

The results

According to CorVel’s corporate office manager, Walker Tracker was instrumental in increasing employee participation in the wellness program. This allowed CorVel to continue cultivating a culture of wellness among all employees, even those working away from the Portland headquarters.

During the almost-three-year partnership between CorVel and Walker Tracker, wellness engagement has skyrocketed:

  • the number of wellness challenge participants has increased by 772%
  • employee step count has increased by 2,593%
  • future plans include “Plus 1” challenges that encourage employees to involve family and friends

“I would highly recommend the Walker Tracker platform to any company looking for a company culture tool that will help employees overall wellbeing and offer a fun way for colleagues to connect despite social distancing.”

Susan Burson

Corporate Office Manager, CorVel

CorVel continues to use Walker Tracker for their health initiatives and plans to introduce the platform to new hires during the onboarding process, sustaining the culture of wellness that inspired this partnership. 

Want to know even more? Download the entire case study of How CorVel utilized Walker Tracker to develop an effective nationwide engagement strategy here.