What keeps members from participating in an organization’s wellness program? It may surprise you, but one factor is the knowledge gap. According to a recent employee survey, 69% of employees that were not participating in a wellness program were not aware their workplace had a wellness program. Promoting your wellness program isn’t just important during the beginning of the program. Thankfully, Walker Tracker has helpful resources to make communication more effective. Here are some ideas on how you can promote a step challenge as part of your organization’s wellness program.

Piggy-back on Your Current Communication
If your organization sends out regular email updates or newsletters, add information about your upcoming step challenge and a link to your Walker Tracker site. If your organization has an Intranet portal, add a page with your wellness program information and links to your Walker Tracker site.

Approach Members in Person
Host a wellness challenge kick-off event! Even just a brief presentation for your wellness program during an annual meeting will promote the step challenge. Does your organization have a wellness fair? Have a computer or tablet at a booth and allow members to register on-site. If that’s not an option, ask them to download the app on their phones. Include fun exercise equipment, such as a hula hoop and jump rope, and you’ll have the most popular booth!

Include Your Members
Include quotes from prominent members of your organization in your communications, as well as member testimonials. According to the Willis Towers Watson 2017 Best Practices in Health Care Employer Survey, 47% of the best performing companies use key influencers, testimonials, and viral messaging to communicate through the social networks of the company.

Watch and Learn
Don’t forget, your messaging doesn’t have to be written. Share Walker Tracker video guides to engage visual learners with your program on-boarding.  Creatives on your team are in a great position to create promotional videos for your wellness program.

Every organization has their own unique culture and population. What have you found to be the best strategy to share important information with your members?