Walker Tracker would like to introduce you to our newest member Terrance Brown.  Terrance is joining our growing business development team in a brand new role as our Partner Sales Manager. If you’re looking to start a partnership with us, reach out to talk with him today!  Welcome Terrance!

Terrance BrownWhere am I from?
I was born in Peoria, Illinois. Moved to Portland, Oregon when I was 6 and have never left.

What is my favorite animal?
Tigers, and one day I’ll see one in Africa!! Ha!

What is my favorite food?
Tacos. Fish tacos from ¿Por Qué No? are the best!

What am I passionate about?
I love long walks through different neighborhoods and to look at the different style of homes. When I was young, my favorite thing to do was learn about skyscrapers, and as an adult, it has become houses. This admiration has helped me navigate different cities and learn them well.

Terrance TravelThere’s nothing better than traveling the world seeing all that is out there. The people, the different perspectives, cultures, and food, it’s humbling. It is one of the rare times I get to experience the “world view”, not my view of it, but its view of me.

I love spending time with my family. Many of us live in different cities now and anytime I get to have with them is priceless. Nowadays, it’s hanging with my nephews and being active with them. It’s cool watching them grow up.

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