Essentials for When You Want to Do More Than Just Walk in the Park

Like many kids, I always looked forward to a trip to the local park. I have a distinct memory of sitting atop one of those dome-shaped jungle gyms with my cousins, eating peaches and scouting the grassy areas for our next game of tag. Even…

It's Getting Hot Out There!

No matter where you are, there probably comes a time when it is too hot to even think about working out or getting active outside. Hey, where I am at currently, it's supposed to be 98 degrees but with humidity, it will feel like 107 today! *Excuse…

Grill Up Vegetables and Fruit for Summer Freshness

Summer has finally arrived, and that means longer nights surrounded by friends, family and, of course, a good BBQ. We all know that fish and meats can be grilled up for a fresh summer dinner, and instead of a pasta or green salad on the side,…
heat wave

It's Too Hot!

With a record heatwave scorching the Southwest United States, we're reminded of how it can be difficult to maintain fitness commitments in extreme weather. Finding ways to keep moving in excessive heat can be challenging. As temperatures in…