pedometer evolution
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To Track or Not to Track?

The idea of walking 10,000 steps per day dates back to 1965 in Japan with the release of the manpo-kei pedometer (or “10,000 steps meter”). This step goal is still considered the “goal standard” with the fitness trackers we have downloaded…

Is your pedometer keeping up with you?

Wireless devices like Fitbit and Garmin claim to accurately measure a person's activity levels throughout the day. As the devices continue to gain popularity, researchers at University of Florida's Department of Health Policy and Outcomes have…

Taking the long way home, or The pedometer incentive

"The garage next to mine is empty," volunteered my apartment manager the other day. "If you want to switch to it, it's a lot closer to your back door. It'd be easier with the kids." It's true. It is closer. About 25 (I just ran out and checked)…