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How Moda included half of their staff in a corporate wellness challenge

Imagine running a wellness challenge so engaging that more staff participate than watch the Super Bowl each year. That’s exactly what happened with Moda Health. Here’s how... Meet Moda Moda Health is a leading healthcare company…
Nutrition Tracking

More Than Data - Wellness Metrics Keep Me Motivated

I’m fighting sleep as I wait for the coffee pot. I shouldn’t need it; I’ve already had coffee today. Yet, here I am: it’s only 1:00 in the afternoon and the harsh smell and bubbling sound are the only things keeping me from nodding off.…
Participation Map

Keeping Up with You - 2018 Year in Review

As 2019 rolls in we are looking back at our clients and our own stats from last year.  Our participants spent 2018 wandering the globe via our virtual map routes, tallying up their steps in step challenges and racking up the miles.

Stressed, Blessed, and Coffee Obsessed

I have a shirt in my closet that reads “Stressed, Blessed, and Coffee Obsessed” emblemized across the torso. Is it true? Yes. Do I wear it often? No. In today’s world, it is almost unheard of to not feel stressed. To some degree, stress…
Setting Goals

Tiny But Powerful - Replace New Year's Resolutions

It’s that time of year when I keep hearing the same dreaded question, “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?” I usually cringe because I haven’t been successful with following through on my resolutions. Looking at statistics, I am not…
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5 Million Steps Through Chemo

The other day a most inspiring story came to us at Walker Tracker.  One that immediately touched the hearts of our whole team.  Mark Smith reached out to us to host a 5 million steps challenge on the Walker Tracker platform to raise money…

Leave Stress Out of Your Holiday Celebration

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us.  It’s a wonderful time of year to share terrific foods and gather with family and friends. But the holiday season can also bring its fair share of stresses. Traveling to your destination, getting that pumpkin…
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Program Tips from OHSU's Walkstar Admin

Our clients large and small all have the same goal; to run a successful wellness initiative where engagement is high, and people are left asking, “When are we going to do that again?” One of our customer admins, Angela for OHSU, ran…

Meet Our New Full Stack Developer - Adam Bailey

Walker Tracker has a wonderful team and we're proud to say we've added another amazing staff member. We'd like you to meet Adam Bailey our new Full Stack Developer. Adam is working with our Dev team to continue to build exciting Walker Tracker…
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How to Sell a Walking Challenge to Your Boss

Walker Tracker is often contacted by HR and Benefits professionals looking for a solution to get their employees up and moving. Many times, once they find a solution, the next step is getting approval for the purchase from those higher up the…