As reported in the New York Times, ‘Exercise Now Thought to Increase Mortality Rate‘, recent studies have shown that sitting — once thought to be considered ‘the new smoking’ — has now been proven to increase longevity.

For this reason, Walker Tracker is rebranding as Sit LongerTM. We have a new line of sedentary trackers for sale as well, which log your hours of sloth and immobility, and reward you with points for days in which you have hardly moved at all.


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    Denise says:

    Well that is nice to know, we have stand up desk, and everyone said they are so much better for you!

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    Jennifer says:

    Read the article again; standing is better than sitting. The article actually states that we should get up and get active periodically throughout the day and that sitting 8+ hours a day is NOT healthy.

  3. Ben
    Ben says:

    Hi all –
    thanks for reading – if we didn’t make this clear before now, this was an April fools joke.
    Sadly, sitting is not good for you after all…
    Walking, however is great for you. We recommend it:

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    Julia says:

    A study came out from several Medical journals and Universities that standing is better in increments. Alternating standing and sitting is not only healthier, but improves performance and people are happier.

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