May is Meditation Month and we have THREE new meditation-themed map challenges!

The goal of meditation is to achieve mental clarity and a calm emotional state. Mental and emotional wellbeing is vital for handling life’s stresses and building healthy lifestyles. Similar to having many options for physical activities, there are many options when it comes to meditation. Some examples include Qi Gong, mindfulness, and focused attention meditation. Try and see which one works for you!

These meditation-themed map challenges will inspire you to try out or continue a meditation practice.


Buddha's IndiaBuddha’s India – Meditation May

Have you ever wondered where meditation originated?  The most influential form of meditation comes from the traditions of Buddha.  This map will take you to destinations in India that highlight the most important parts of Buddhist history.  You will learn about where Buddha spent most of his time, where pilgrims congregate to meditate and more. Along the journey you will also be given tips so that you can start your own meditation practice.


Ready Set Mediate worldReady, Set, Meditate: World

Meditation month is upon us and this map will take you on a journey to some of the best meditation retreats and locations around the world. We’ve included stops in eight unique destinations, where nature is abundant, and the sky is blue. From ancient cities to modern housing, you will be amongst the leaders of the world in meditation practice and knowledge.  Learn about some hidden gems, some meditation history and take note of the meditation tips given along this journey.



Ready Set MeditateReady, Set, Meditate: USA

May is national meditation month! We want to celebrate by taking you on a tour of the most relaxing and infamous retreats while providing information on meditation practices. We make meditation easy to get into even with a busy schedule, so we will give you meditation guides, motivation, and facts during this challenge! To start off, here is a list of meditation benefits to help get you inspired to meditate:

– Reduce stress

– Controls anxiety

– Promotes emotional health

– Enhances self-awareness

– Improves attention span and concentration

– May reduce age related memory loss

– May help fight addictions

– Improves sleep

– Helps control pain, both mentally and physically

– Can decrease blood pressure

– Improves positive emotion

– Makes you more compassionate

Interested in these challenges?

If you are a program administrator and are interested in adding any of these meditation map routes to your program, please submit the form below.

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