County vs County

Walker Tracker is sending out the call to counties across the United States to join our County vs County Challenge. Your challenge will take you to some amazing locations in the Mediterranean (via virtual map). You will race against other counties for bragging rights and see who can reach the highest average steps. The best part is you’ll stay fit and have fun while doing it.

County vs CountyTravel Around the Mediterranean
The County vs County challenge starts May 1st and continues for six weeks. As your participants sync their steps with Walker Tracker during the challenge they will travel along a virtual map route that will take them throughout the Mediterranean. They will gather interesting milestone markers in various locations including Athens, Greece, and Morocco.

Register Your County Today! It’s easy to join the County vs County Challenge.

Is your county already walking with Walker Tracker? Contact your Customer Success Manager. They will be glad to assist you and get your county signed up for this challenge via the link below.My County Is Interested

Interested in joining Walker Tracker or getting more information? You can learn more about the challenge and how Walker Tracker makes it easy to get your county moving below.Tell Me More

Don’t wait, sign up today. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to stay fit and interact with other counties throughout the U.S.

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