Corporate Wellness Resources

Specific guides about how to run a step challenge, different types of activity challenges, and ways to get the most out of your corporate wellness program.

How to Sell a Walking Challenge to Your Boss

Walker Tracker is often contacted by HR and Benefits professionals looking for a solution to get their employees up and moving. Many times, once they find a solution, the next step is getting approval for the purchase from those higher up the…

Promoting Your Wellness Program

You’ve done all the planning and set up, and now it’s time to invite your members to join your wellness program. You know they will enjoy it, but how will you get your members excited for the program? Make your pitch quickly! People…

Incentives: 5 Ways to Motivate and End Apathy

Whether you’re new to Walker Tracker or a seasoned veteran who has run multiple wellness challenges, you’re likely always looking for ways to keep your participants motivated. We’ve worked with a lot of programs over the past 10+ years…

Featured Challenge: Destination Vacation

Get ready for an island get-away by joining our Destination Vacation Challenge Who says vacations are all about lounging around? Let's get active and explore some of the world's most breath-taking island destinations. Sure, we can lay down…

Where our data comes from - the marketshare of various connected devices

What happened this year in the land of connected activity devices? It has been a disruptive few years for a lot of 'internet of things' companies.  Fitlinxx, the maker of Pebbles, went out of business, Withings was acquired by Nokia, Misfit…
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Ready to add biking to your wellness repertoire? Meet Ride Report

Imagine how happy we were when we found our office neighbors shared much of our mission. They’re getting more people on bikes and using the data to improve bike routes and traffic safety. Byproduct? Healthy employees. That’s why we’re…

Devices and Apps galore! Link and send data to Walker Tracker directly

Walker Tracker pairs with the all major brands of wireless devices and apps to make it easy to transfer your data. Clip on your pedometer or band or drop your phone in your  pocket and get movin'! Wireless wearable Devices: Fitbit …
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10 Essential Elements of a Company Walking Program

Okay, youʼre in charge of your organization’s wellness initiative and the first thing that comes to mind is starting up a walking challenge. So, whatʼs the best way to get started? At Walker Tracker, we’ve worked with just about…
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Get Moving at Work - for employees & benefits managers

It is estimated that only one in five Americans achieves a relatively high level of physical activity at work1. Many of us are aware that it would be beneficial to incorporate more fitness into our work day, yet, where to start? A knowledgeable…
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What to tell your boss (about wellness)

“Wellness program success depends on executive sponsorship”. It’s probably the most common refrain uttered by corporate wellness consultants, (including Walker Tracker). Clearly, this isn’t news to anyone. Yet, in the hundreds of programs…