Corporate Wellness Resources

Specific guides about how to run a step challenge, different types of activity challenges, and ways to get the most out of your corporate wellness program.

State of Remote Work: 4 Key Visuals

Remote Work in 4 Key Stats Covered in our last post, remote work or “work from home / WFH” refers to an environment where staff can work from a location of their choosing (versus reporting to a traditional office). According to,…
Work from home software

Introducing Walker Tracker for Remote Teams

Walker Tracker for Remote Teams As of this writing in August 2020, we can safely say it’s been a more challenging and complex year than most. We’ve seen tremendous increase in remote working this year. As a result, we’ve seen creative…
Medicare Advantage members

Medicare Advantage Free Benefit through Walker Tracker

Walker Tracker is proud to partner with a national health plan to offer eligible Medicare Advantage members access to the Walker Tracker wellness platform and a free fitbit.  Walker Tracker's “Health and Fitness Tracker” benefit…
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Remote Work Tools to Stay Connected & Healthy

To follow up on the recent statement from our CEO, we have assembled resources to help remote teams stay healthy, connected, & calm during the social distancing measures taking place globally around COVID-19. Walker Tracker is a platform…
Corporate Wellness Sketchbook

How to Run a Wellness Challenge - with checklist!

How to Run a Wellness Challenge We’ve spent our last few blog posts outlining why wellness programs work and why wellness challenges are our favorite way to engage staff. Read on to learn about how to run your own wellness challenge... Running…
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Elements of an Effective Wellness Challenge

Elements of an Effective Wellness Challenge Corporate wellness pays for itself many times over. If you’re reading this, we encourage you to study the many solutions that HR departments are using to make people healthier and happier. This…
Blocks turning "health" to "wealthy"

Are wellness programs worth it?

Are wellness programs worth it? (Wellness Quiz below) “Business leaders are realizing that the status of their workforce is related to the bottom line.” - US Chamber of Commerce // “Winning with Wellness” report Human resource teams…
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Use Motivation Theory To Recruit Participants

What’s in it for me? That’s what your employees may be asking themselves when they hear about your wellness program. It’s a natural question. People are encouraged to do something if it will provide a benefit or the alternative would have…
70% Effective Wellness Challenges

Why run a wellness challenge?

Human resource teams have evolved from being primarily concerned with hiring and firing. With the advent of data, people-first policies, and wider competition for skilled staff; HR professionals have taken on more responsibility. If you’re…
Three people participating in a corporate wellness program

Is Your Workplace Wellness Program Compliant?

So your company is ready to start a wellness program -- congratulations! Workplace wellness initiatives can be a great addition to company culture and benefits offerings. These programs have been shown to increase productivity, decrease…