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Health and wellness advice about nutrition, mindfulness, and, of course, activity challenges from Walker Tracker’s team and community contributors.

Corporate Wellness Sketchbook

How to Run a Wellness Challenge - with checklist!

How to Run a Wellness Challenge We’ve spent our last few blog posts outlining why wellness programs work and why wellness challenges are our favorite way to engage staff. Read on to learn about how to run your own wellness challenge... Running…
Young woman finishing a step challenge

Elements of an Effective Wellness Challenge

Elements of an Effective Wellness Challenge Corporate wellness pays for itself many times over. If you’re reading this, we encourage you to study the many solutions that HR departments are using to make people healthier and happier. This…
Blocks turning "health" to "wealthy"

Are wellness programs worth it?

Are wellness programs worth it? (Wellness Quiz below) “Business leaders are realizing that the status of their workforce is related to the bottom line.” - US Chamber of Commerce // “Winning with Wellness” report Human resource teams…
Walking Meditation

Supercharge Your Health With Walking Meditation

By Zoe Graman. See her amazing work here. You may be familiar with mindfulness meditation -- a seated practice that involves conscious awareness of the breath to quiet the mind, reduce stress, and deepen your connection to internal…
A father and daughter sit at a table as the father stresses over finances.

Financial Wellbeing: Employees Need It More Than You Think

Seventy-eight percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck according to Career Builder. Further, Bankrate reports that Americans also can’t cover a $1,000 emergency without borrowing money. Unfortunately,…
Purify the air with three drops of lemon and three of On Guard®.

Creating a Healthy Shared Space with Essential Oils

Everyone wants to stay healthy, but when you share space with other people, maintaining your health can become a real challenge.  Sore throats, coughs, runny noses, and other annoying symptoms can pass through any public space, be it your office,…
67% Improved Sleep

Get Active with National Walking Day and Move More Month!

National Walking Day has always been Walker Tracker’s favorite holiday. This year we celebrate it on Wednesday, April 3rd as it kicks off Move More Month. A month-long celebration from the American Heart Association, encouraging all…
70% Effective Wellness Challenges

Why run a wellness challenge?

Human resource teams have evolved from being primarily concerned with hiring and firing. With the advent of data, people-first policies, and wider competition for skilled staff; HR professionals have taken on more responsibility. If you’re…
Kickboxing Session

For a New You, Give Kickboxing a Try

At Walker Tracker, we’re always learning more about wellness from our customers. We’ve been lucky enough to work with human resources directors, wellness consultants, data analysts, and others to implement plans that improve their…

Have Some Fun with Pantry Basics

When I asked my 12-year-old what he thought the bare minimum of pantry stocking should entail he said: “Carrots, onions, garlic, potatoes, cheese, pasta, hot sauce, tortillas, eggs, lemons and maybe some fresh herbs.” Granted he lives…