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Featured Blogger: Try a New Taste!

I am thrilled to introduce you to our guest blogger, Ashley, from Dovel Technologies. They have been walking (and running, and swimming, and biking, and – you get the point) with Walker Tracker since 2014.  Quite the model for an encouraging and engaging Wellness program, their communications to participants are meaningful, applicable and continue to draw attention back […]

Walker Tracker On The Road: A Wellness Fair

What’s it take to engage employees in wellness events? Working with hundreds of clients in my 5+ years at Walker Tracker I’ve learned that a few small things bring simple joy and excitement to participants: Acknowledgment – announcing your participants’ successes is huge! Intrinsic motivation is fabulous, but external reinforcement seals the deal. Prizes – […]

The dangers of all things…. PUMPKIN!

It’s that time of year – pumpkin spice this, pumpkin bread that. I did a little investigating. Below are two of the most popular pumpkin items this time of year and how to make it healthier.   The number 1 offender: The Pumpkin Spice latte This tops my list because it’s a sneaky one – […]

10 ways: stay active in less than ideal weather

As a native Oregonian, I am no stranger to long bouts of rain and months without seeing the sun (slight sarcasm, but really, it’s pretty gray here!). So, I get it. When it’s cold and rainy (or snowy/icy/wet) outside, it’s hard to get out there and take a long walk or even find motivation to […]

A Wellness Champion at 72!

Watch out everyone, Lola might just lap you.  Averaging 9,000 steps/day and motivating her colleagues along the way, she is a force to be reckoned with! Let me take a step back and introduce you all to the Para La Naturaleza Walker Tracker Program. Located in Puerto Rico, this group is a blast to work with […]

Honesty and Accuracy

We are asked all the time from program leaders, “how do you prevent people from cheating?” We have a number of ways to promote honestly recording steps and discourage cheating. But it all comes down to you, the individual. I recently saw an email from one of our all-star admins on this subject. She reminds […]

6 Ways to Stay Warm (and Fit!) this Winter

If Penguin Huddling is not an option for you…. Try moving. It’s simple and everyone can do some form of it.  Here are some quick ways to get the blood pumping and reap the benefits of being active. AT THE OFFICE: You may already have some of these characters around… Jumpin’ Jill – do 50 jumping […]


Why counting counts

What’s all this tracking business, anyway? Everyone seems to be hopping on the bandwagon to get the brand new fitness devices. In 2014, interest in purchasing wearable fitness devices quadrupled (according to a CEA Study). There seems to be a few outstanding reasons why: Motivation – we need a reason to be active. Monitoring fitness […]

Maintain, Don’t Gain! Holiday tricks to try

Depending on where you look, studies state that most Americans gain 2-5 pounds during the holidays.  So, what’s the big deal? Well, most of us don’t lose that weight in the months to come. The foods high in sugar and unhealthy fats, and the lack of exercise wreck habit on your body. Here are some […]