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International Women’s Day – Celebrating the Work Women Do

International Women’s Day is March 8th and Walker Tracker is proud to celebrate and acknowledge the work women are doing both at our company and around the world. This has been a big year for women everywhere and for the women at Walker Tracker. In January the list of leaders for the Fortune 500 companies […]


Walking to Your Next Big Idea

It’s no secret that walking can help to boost your creativity in a big way! Charles Dickens, Aristotle, John Muir, and Beethoven are among just a few of the many famous minds who attribute regular walking to their genius. A study done at Stanford University found that walking, regardless of where, can boost creativity by up to 60%. The […]

Is sitting the new smoking?

Is sitting the new smoking? I have heard this question quite a bit over the past year. There is no doubt science is starting to show that sitting is really bad for us, and our lives are becoming more and more sedentary. At Walker Tracker we work to help bring movement to the workplace, which […]