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June links roundup

moderate activity guidelines, and it even projects a step count for you! All you have to do is put in an address or intersection starting point and destination, and select ‘walking’ from the drop-down menu (‘By car’ is the default, and ‘public transit’ the other option) and you get instant walking directions that take one-way streets […]

Taking the long way home, or The pedometer incentive

“The garage next to mine is empty,” volunteered my apartment manager the other day. “If you want to switch to it, it’s a lot closer to your back door. It’d be easier with the kids.” It’s true. It is closer. About 25 (I just ran out and checked) steps closer. On first thought, it sounds […]

Walking to school

In Lecco, Italy, less than a hundred miles from Milan, the town has made a commitment to give up schoolbuses and encourage children to walk to school. The New York Times ran a fascinating article on the walking program, called “piedibus,” or “foot bus,” because the children walk in guided groups along a predetermined path. […]

100 steps a minute is the new 10,000 steps a day

St. Patrick’s Day saw the release of a fascinating pedometer-based study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. A small group of researchers was interested in translating the public health recommendation that all Americans should engage in 2.5 hours of moderate activity each week into an easy-to-follow “pedometer-based guideline.” After clipping pedometers to 97 adults […]

Tracking my walks

The sky is gray with strips of frothy sunset. The waves are being sucked back down the sand, every lash onto the beach falling lower than the one before it. I don’t know what’s in front of us, and the mystery pulls me forward, every step a comforting rhythm. I am three years old. “You […]