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Why run a wellness challenge?

Human resource teams have evolved from being primarily concerned with hiring and firing. With the advent of data, people-first policies, and wider competition for skilled staff; HR professionals have taken on more responsibility. If you’re reading this, you probably manage the most important part of an organization: its people. Hiring the right people is often […]

Play with Your Food! March is Nutrition Month

As we wrap up our awesome Harriet Tubman challenge as part of Black History month, we’re excited to shift focus toward a topic of health & wellness that compliments regular daily activity. While it’s hard for a step challenge app to pass up “marching” jokes, we’re taking this month to convey different wellness information. March […]

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How Moda included half of their staff in a corporate wellness challenge

Imagine running a wellness challenge so engaging that more staff participate than watch the Super Bowl each year. That’s exactly what happened with Moda Health. Here’s how… Meet Moda Moda Health is a leading healthcare company in Portland, Oregon. Naturally, they are on the front foot with corporate wellness, so they’ve hosted staff fitness challenges […]