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A Step Up in Heart Health

It’s always great to hear success stories coming from our programs! It’s amazing how taking a walk and getting active can change someone’s life and inspire others. Our collaboration with Hadassah in their Every Beat Counts campaign is motivating their participants to walk from their headquarters in New York all the way to Jerusalem while […]

Movin’ and Groovin’

Every morning when my fiance and I get up to go workout (4:30AM ouch!), we walk into a gym that is blaring some sort of techno, electronica or hip hop. Although I usually cringe at the music and quickly shove my headphones in to listen to my own version of motivational music, I know why […]

The many gifts of giving

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” – Winston Churchill. This time of year it can be easy to get caught up in the what you might get or what you need to get for others but it is also a great time of year […]

Exercising out of the Box

Are you getting a little bored with your regular workouts? Hey, I’ve been there plenty of times. Not only is it good to change things up to stay motivated but it’s also an excellent idea to keep your body guessing and therefore losing weight or building more muscle. Below are the top four fitness trends […]

The Evolution of the Pedometer

Nowadays the new fitness trend is pedometers. From wearable wireless devices like Fitbit to the countless apps that are available for your smartphone, they’re everywhere and do a lot more than just track walking. The idea of the pedometer, however, is not a new one at all. Back in the 15th century one of the […]

That Ten Letter Word

Motivation: it’s empowering, at times elusive, and requires discipline. However, without it there cannot be success. Finding my motivation, especially when it comes to working out, has been a constant evolution. Often times I find my motivation is a reward or something I have been deprived of. Some of my motivations require a lot of […]

Lost Lake Butte Trail

For our summer vacation this year my fiancé and I went out to a local campground called Lost Lake. The lodge and family friendliness reminded me of the movie “Dirty Dancing” and there was so much to do in and around the lake! Despite getting extremely sunburnt our second day we decided that we wanted […]

Walk With Purpose

There always seems to be a walk for something. Walk for Breast Cancer, Walk for Alzheimers, Walk for MS and so on. I do not think I know one person who hasn’t been affected by a disease somewhere in their lives. Personally, Alzheimers hit close to home for me with my grandma. These walks are […]