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Stressed, Blessed, and Coffee Obsessed

I have a shirt in my closet that reads “Stressed, Blessed, and Coffee Obsessed” emblemized across the torso. Is it true? Yes. Do I wear it often? No. In today’s world, it is almost unheard of to not feel stressed. To some degree, stress can be a good thing but the levels most of us […]


Program Tips from OHSU’s Walkstar Admin

Our clients large and small all have the same goal; to run a successful wellness initiative where engagement is high, and people are left asking, “When are we going to do that again?” One of our customer admins, Angela for OHSU, ran just that type of program and she was gracious enough to share her […]

It’s Getting Hot Out There!

No matter where you are, there probably comes a time when it is too hot to even think about working out or getting active outside. Hey, where I am at currently, it’s supposed to be 98 degrees but with humidity, it will feel like 107 today! *Excuse me while I melt* When the season turns […]

Alternative New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is approaching which creates an excellent chance to instill new habits. Check out some alternative resolutions below that are beyond the usual eat better, lose weight goals of years past.   A Year of Praise  Do you recall the last time you were told good job or thanked for your kindness? Didn’t […]

Happy Halloween!

Here at Walker Tracker, we love any excuse to celebrate. Birthdays, achievements, national coffee day… you get the idea, and Halloween is no exception. It’s not very often that you get to dress up and go to work and it’s not only acceptable but encouraged! You may have noticed that your map has been haunted […]

WOOP your goals into reality

There is far more to achieving your goals than mere positive thinking. Research has shown that only having positive fantasies of your goal makes you feel like you have already put in part of the work and you are less likely to achieve it. Reworking your positive fantasies into the new method referred to as […]

Get Active – in your community!

If you are looking to get in some steps and activity while also being an all around great civic asset to your community, consider volunteering with a local organization! From dog walking at your local Humane Society to being a nature guide at a local park, even planting or gardening for your local parks and […]

Stretch it out

I don’t know about you, but my neck and shoulders are constantly bothering me. We spend a lot of our daily lives looking down. Down at our computers, phones, reading, or just avoiding that awkward eye contact with the stranger on the bus. It is a recipe for neck, back and shoulder pain that is […]

The 5:3:1 method that can transform your work day

Stress, you can’t escape it. Whether it’s stress from work or life in general, it has its way of creeping into your life and stealing your happiness. There is a difference between good and bad stress. Good stress lasts for short periods of time and is usually related to a task that has a determined […]