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Taking Care of Your Mental Health using Art

Believe it or not, I’m trained as an Art Therapist (in addition to being a member of Walker Tracker’s Help Desk).  I’m quite a fan of holistic health care, which I view as promoting wellness in all avenues of yourself. I believe that mental health is an important piece of wellness, and I’ve noticed that […]


Our 2017 New Year’s Goals

Happy New Year to everyone from the Walker Tracker team!  As the old year ends and the new begins, many of us are thinking of what we hope the New Year will bring.  It’s a time of renewal, wonder, joy, and self-reflection. It’s a long-standing tradition/association to try to better your New Year through committing […]

We’re growing! Introducing: Stephanie

We have an awesome staff at Walker Tracker and are proud and excited to introduce you to our newest team member. Stephanie (Business Development Manager)         Everywhere I have lived has been so beautiful it has encouraged me to get out and explore. Hiking the mountains in Idaho, walking the beaches at […]

Tracking wellness for diversity and inclusion

We’re always interested in how our clients are incorporating Walker Tracker’s wellness software into their company culture. Undertone, a NYC based digital advertising company with global reach has been using the Walker Tracker platform to promote diversity and inclusion within their company. Vicky Tan, their Total Rewards Manager, explains how Undertone is truly committed to their […]

Taking a break is not giving up – it gives back!

We all need to rest at some point. Taking a break from your work, walking competition or committed hobby will help you feel more relaxed, refreshed and healthy. An Oxford Economics (2014) study showed that only 58% of U.S. employees take full advantage of the paid time off they earn during the year. So if you’re in the other […]

7 Healthy Thanksgiving Alternatives

However you observe it, Thanksgiving is typically a time of year where family and friends get together to enjoy each other’s company. For some it’s also a time where we give thanks and reflect on what we are grateful for in our lives. If you live in the United States, the holiday has historical importance […]