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Financial Well-being: Your Employees Need It More Than You Think

Seventy-eight percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck according to Career Builder. Further, Bankrate reports that Americans also can’t cover a $1,000 emergency without borrowing money. Unfortunately, most employees fall into these staggering statistics. Although many people don’t like to talk about money—especially their troubles with it, most of us struggle in some way and could benefit greatly […]


For a New You, Give Kickboxing a Try

At Walker Tracker, we’re always learning more about wellness from our customers. We’ve been lucky enough to work with human resources directors, wellness consultants, data analysts, and others to implement plans that improve their health and reduce costs. Once we provide them the tools to track health performance, they consistently impress us with ideas and […]

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Applications Open for 2018 Community Change Grants

Fall Into Community Action I want to shine the spotlight on a great non-profit that shares our passion for building healthier, happier, and more accessible communities. Readers that are familiar with America Walks know that they have been awarding dozens of Community Change Grants to deserving organizations and projects across the U.S. These $1,500 microgrants have […]

Welcome aboard Tiana and Michel

Hiring managers, have you ever ran into that moment where you have two stellar candidates and you just CANNOT make up your mind no matter how many lists you make? What do you do? HIRE THEM BOTH! We’re proud to introduce two new members to Walker Tracker’s Customer Success team: Tiana Le and Michel Waissman. […]


Is your pedometer keeping up with you?

Wireless devices like Fitbit and Garmin claim to accurately measure a person’s activity levels throughout the day. As the devices continue to gain popularity, researchers at University of Florida’s Department of Health Policy and Outcomes have tested various devices and their accuracy across age groups. Their findings? The devices aren’t as accurate as they claim […]

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Ready to add biking to your wellness repertoire? Meet Ride Report

Imagine how happy we were when we found our office neighbors shared much of our mission. They’re getting more people on bikes and using the data to improve bike routes and traffic safety. Byproduct? Healthy employees. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce them to you: Ready to add biking to your wellness repertoire? Meet Ride […]