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Incredibly Scary Walk…(video)

Yesterday I posted about walking some really fun stairs. It seems appropriate to follow that up with an incredibly scary walk. Warning: This video is vertigo-inducing. More information on this walkway, built in 1905 in Spain, is here: Caminito del Rey

What’s new?

We did a pretty big update to the Walker Tracker code base last night. So, what’s new? A lot of what was changed isn’t visible. A ton of small bugs were fixed, code was consolidated and refactored and the groundwork was laid for new, cool stuff down the road. That said, you should notice a […]

A 10-point bounty on spammers

Like most every social website, we get people (or bots, most likely) who sign up in order to spam the site with their dubious commercial enterprises. Today I kindly had a member point out a spammer to me (Thanks TLS!), which I quickly dispatched with (kerpow!). Both bots and people are a little challenging to […]

What kind of pedometer should I get?

I’ve been asked this question a ton of times — here’s what I usually tell people: Depending upon your budget, I’ve definitely found that nicer pedometers encourage people to stick with walking. A pedometer is a cheap investment already — and so I would encourage everyone to bypass the $1 – $5 pedometers and go […]

Walker Tracker the Game: Introducing Levels & Points

In many ways, Walker Tracker is already a game. You play yourself, using statistics and charts to achieve a better average, walk more and game yourself into better physical shape. You compete with others in Walker Tracker Competitions However, we wanted to go one better by creating a sense of progression and currency to the […]

Cost effective ways to promote physical exercise in adults?

There’s an intriguing new study out of Australia (University of Queensland) this week. They studied six types of interventions to encourage physical activity in adults, the two most cost-effective were: pedometers mass media campaigns The press release is here. I liked the editors’ summary (pdf), which contained this opener: The human body needs regular physical activity […]


Obama calls for corporate wellness programs

President Obama met with health related companies yesterday to, among other things, urge them to create and enable wellness programs at the corporate level. A White House fact sheet said: “As a result of many successful programs at businesses across the country, workers have become more engaged in their own health care, productivity is increasing, […]