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Grant alert: Utah – up to $100k available for health & active lifestyle programs

Here’s another great looking grant. Humana – Communities Benefit Grant (Utah) The Communities Benefit Grant is focused on improving health experiences or building healthy communities in the areas of childhood health and education, family wellness and active lifestyles, and health literacy for diverse populations and seniors. Awards up to $100,000 are available. The program is […]

Grant alert: Building evidence to prevent childhood obesity

From time to time I’m going to post information about grants that are related to obesity, children and schools, and walking and physical activity. In most cases, this would not be something we’d seek ourselves (we’re not a non-profit), but I would think our community might like to know about these, and we’d be more […]

New: Another easy way to start a walking group (and enlist walkers)

We’ve just made it a little easier to organize a walking team. Now you can pull not-yet-registered walkers directly into your walking group without requiring them to find and join your group. Create a Walker Tracker group and then surf to your new group’s administration pane. There’s a new option there for inviting people to your […]

Does Corn Syrup equal Obesity?

According to a new study out of Princeton, rats who have access to high fructose corn syrup become obese. No surprise, right? But this is compared to rats who consumed equal caloric amounts of table sugar. Those rats fared fine. “This creates a fascinating puzzle. The rats in the Princeton study became obese by drinking […]

Trek to Astoria: Introducing map-based competitions

I’m very thrilled to introduce map-based competitions. We’re a big fan of Walker Tracker competitions here. They help you visualize your progress over a period of time. You can compete as a team or as an individual while poking friendly jibes at each other. Alternately, you can have your own private party, where you (or […]

Health Supplements beautifully visualized

We do a lot of data visualization here on Walker Tracker, not the least of which is using maps to visualize data (oops! Not yet announced!). For this reason, I really love the work of David McCandless on informationisbeautiful.net. He takes huge amounts of data and makes it visually stunning, and very easy to, for […]

iPod Nano Pedometer Survey

Here’s the survey we’re going to post in our newsletter that goes out tomorrow. Who is using an iPod Nano pedometer? How accurate is it? Are you using Nike+? Should we find a way to automagically pull in the data? iPod Nano Pedometer Survey > Feel free to get a jump on the responses! The […]

New feature: Add your step count by text message

I’m very excited to introduce: text-message integration! A new Pro feature at Walker Tracker. There are plenty of times where you just want to text your steps in and call it good. Now you can – and you can also check up on your friends, get your stats and add a step blog. Getting started […]