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Spouses walk free in our Mediterranean Walking Challenge

Today we officially announced a promotion we’re really excited about. An 8 week corporate/organization walking challenge around the perimeter of the Mediterranean — what’s going to make it especially great, though, is that we’re inviting the spouses of employee programs to walk for free. This goes straight to the heart of  one of our oft-said […]


Email lapsed or active walkers – new feature for admins

One of the most important tools we offer is the ability for an organization’s wellness advocate to communicate with employees. For this reason, Walker Tracker’s ‘Email walkers’ feature is one of our most popular features. It lets you send pretty, html-based emails and after your mailing is finished it tells you exactly how many people […]

Exercise: Get a new brain.

I’ll leave it to you to puzzle through the article’s abstract, accepted for publication in the Journal of Neuroscience, but I think the title says it fairly aptly: Little Exercise, Big Effects: Reversing Aging and Infection-Induced Memory Deficits, and Underlying Processes  “…this small amount of exercise was sufficient to completely reverse infection-induced impairments in hippocampus-dependent […]

On tracking Custom Registration Data

A lot of our programs need to be able to track extra data upon registration. Everything from ‘What T-Shirt size do you wear?’ to ‘What branch location are you in?’ You’ve always been able to do that to some degree with one extra piece of data. I’m happy to say this functionality has been greatly […]

Walker Tracker outage

Hi all – There was an outage on Walker Tracker from just before 2am to just before 7am Pacific time today. We were adding a database server to make sure things stayed fast around here, and it didn’t work out how we planned. I’m really sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. 4am […]

Live three minutes longer for every minute you walk

Have I posted this before? These are the calculations of Alan Durning whose family spent a year of living without a car. From Car-less living can add years to your life: “Just so, walking doesn’t consume time, for different reasons. In fact, walking creates time…walking gives you time you wouldn’t otherwise have at all. Walking makes you live longer…The largest ever study of […]

On crossing the finish line…

Our map-based competitions show the place you’re in – along the course but also at the finish line. This place number is based on how many steps you or your team walked in the competition, not, as in a race, the time you crossed the finish line. After all, we’re more interested in step averages […]

Thank you Microsoft – IE6 Countdown

As a company that build a web application — a term I’m not sure  had yet been coined in 2001 — we really appreciate Microsoft’s efforts to get the world to stop using Internet Explorer 6, a web browser introduced ten years ago – an eternity on the web. This is a golden age of […]