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Be more creative – take a walk

Via the NYT: Exercise has long been linked anecdotally to creativity. For millenniums, writers and artists have said that they develop their best ideas during a walk, although some of us also do our best procrastinating then. But little science has supported the idea that exercise aids creativity. Until now! Researchers at Standford University decided to […]

Walker Tracker & the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability

Many of you have probably heard about the Heartbleed vulnerability, which has been given — rightfully — a huge amount of press coverage. Good news: Walker Tracker is not affected. Because we care very much about security we thought we’d post an update, even though  we were never affected by this vulnerability. However, I strongly […]

Pedometer report of the day

Currently I’m wearing four pedometers  (testing, you know, wink wink). In today’s parlance, they call these nifty things ‘wearable devices’. Here’s today’s report, from an abnormally active day. My activities: One 24 minute run Two ~40 minute bike rides Some walking… Pedometer readings: Omron HJ-320: 7,488 (in coin pocket) Fitbit One: 11,480 (in coin pocket) […]

Happy Halloween!

Last night we migrated to a new mapping provider. In case those of you currently walking the Transylvanian Trek wondered why your maps began to look awfully…dark and uh…with maybe blood-red seas, it’s because we altered them for Halloween in celebration of our maps transition. The skies will lighten back up and the waters will […]

New study shows: Walking lowers breast cancer risk

As do other physical activities, it was determined in  a new study of over 73,000 women. In fact, walkers lowered their  risk of cancer by 14%, and more frequent exercisers lowered their cancer risks by up to 25%. Great news – Read more about it at the New  York Times    

“We are built to walk” – Gretchen Reynolds talks about the latest science on exercise

I really enjoyed NYT writer Gretchen Reynolds interview about her book “The First 20 Minutes: Surprising Science Reveals How We Can Exercise Better, Train Smarter, Live Longer“, with Dr. Naimon in his Healthwatch Podcast (listen here or subscribe on iTunes). She dispels a lot of myths based on recent science: Is running really bad for your knees? Can […]

Which is better: Walking or Running?

These are the two most popular forms of exercise in the United States. Which one wins? A couple of new studies show that it depends. Controlling weight? Running wins Heart disease? Walking wins this one. “It bears repeating that either walking or running is healthier than not doing either,” Dr. Williams said, whatever your health […]


Are wellness programs effective?

A new study indicates: Yes! You’re here, and so you already know this! In a study of 7,804 employees, findings indicated that there were significant drops in health risks among  high-risk employees. And that risk alleviation is going to have a direct impact on an employer’s bottom line: “The current sick care model in the U.S. […]

Two new features for administrators

We have two new features to announce: Better Statistics Downloads We know that getting data out of the system is vital for incentives programs and to measure the efficacy of your own initiatives. As of today we make that even easier for you. We’ve always had statistics downloads, but the data you get is much […]