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GDPR, Privacy and Walker Tracker

Hello – It’s May 25th, the date that the groundbreaking European privacy act known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) goes into place. If you use any online software at all, you’ve been receiving a zillion privacy policy updates and notes about compliance. From our perspective this is a great thing. Europe’s privacy and security legislation […]

150 Billion Steps

As of yesterday, Walker Tracker tracked its 150 billionth step, or the equivalent 75,000,000 million miles. I am really proud of this, and proud of every one of our members who’ve joined us in the journey. So what does that mean? Collectively we’ve just about walked the distance from the Earth to the Sun. Other, […]

Introducing: Onebreath.in – take a deep breath

Be reminded to take a deep breath at https://onebreath.in, a new, tiny service from Walker Tracker. While walking is obviously our wheelhouse at Walker Tracker, we run a number of other types of wellness programs. Whether it’s a focus on nutrition, lowering your resting heart rate, or creating a points-based combination around many wellness factors, we’re always thinking about […]

Really great news for us all here at WT HQ (Coffee thought to protect against cancer)

Yesterday a panel of World Health Organization experts concluded that coffee protects against at least two types of cancer. Hooray! This adds to the growing number of positive health benefits that coffee provides, such as lower risk for parkinsons, improved heart health, and lower risk of diabetes. That said: Pesticides have been shown to cause cancer, and so […]

New: Wellness Metrics

Introducing Wellness Metrics! In addition to the activity tracking/photo-uploading/competition goodness that is Walker Tracker already, I’m extremely pleased to say that Walker Tracker now supports six other modes. Nutrition Water intake Mood Sleep (can be synced automatically from a number of providers) Heart rate (resting) Weight (can be synced automatically from a number of providers)   […]

Photos of 2,000 calorie meals

The New York Times has an incredible  piece called “What 2,000 Calories Looks Like” where they compare 2,000 calorie meals across restaurants, and then pit those against home-cooked meals. The results are not going to be a surprise to anyone. Home-cooked meals regularly cost less than fast food, are way abundant, and much healthier. Restaurant […]

Nice vs Mean: Managerial styles and employee health

There’s a fascinating article at the Harvard Business Review that ties together a number of studies on the efficacy of being a nice boss versus a stern, removed one. Despite many changes in how businesses are run in the 21st century, the long-lasting stereotype for how to be a boss remains: It’s better to be respected than liked. Turns out, nothing […]

Health and activity grants for Portland-area schools and non-profits

Here’s a great grant opportunity for Portland Metro schools. Nike is awarding at least $550,000 to Portland-area non-profits and schools. Grants are between $5,000 and $20,000, in the following areas: Environment: Creating or improving places for play or physical activity; enhancing home and community environments; promoting good stewardship of the earth and sustainable practices. Education: […]