Fun Step Challenge Team Names

Looking for a great step challenge team name? We’ve got you covered.

Walker Tracker has been around for over a decade, so we’ve seen some great ones. From time to time, we share some of the best with our readers so that they can find some inspiration to make the next great step challenge team name!

We hope the list below gets your wheels turning and your feet stepping.

Red Hot Chili Steppers

They keep their challenges ‘rockin and rollin’ with enthusiasm and energy!

Baby Got Track

They take big steps and we cannot lie/so much fun and it can’t be denied!

Sisters with Blisters

These sisters aren’t afraid to pound the pavement!

Other Fun Step Challenge Team Names

Avengers: Infinity Walk

Angry Birds

Couch Potatoes

Glucose Patrol

Hartford Tater Trots

Holy Walkamolies

Will Run For Snacks

Join in the fun!

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