If Penguin Huddling is not an option for you….

Try moving. It’s simple and everyone can do some form of it.  Here are some quick ways to get the blood pumping and reap the benefits of being active.

AT THE OFFICE: You may already have some of these characters around…

  1. Jumpin’ Jill – do 50 jumping jacks every hour on the hour
  2. Squatin’ Stewart – when you’re on the phone try staying in a wall sit for the first 2 minutes
  3. Pushin’ Patrick – do 10 pushups, or inclined pushups with your hands on your desk, whenever you’re cooling down

AT HOME: You too can save money on your heating bill – and be an avid at-home exerciser, here are some of my favorites!

  1. The “TV Commercial Opportunist” – while watching reruns of the Big Band Theory, make the commercials count: jog in place, do some lunges, crunches, or even jump rope if you have the space!
  2. The “Tricky Laundry Stepper” – bank some steps while folding laundry, – fold one item and put it away, repeat for the next 1,000+ items that came out of your dryer.  Just imagine the steps you’ll get.
  3. The “My neighbors think I’m crazy” – when you take out the trash or grab the mail, do lunges or skip on the way.

Please, share yours too!