Guest Post by Aurora Myers, CEO, Executive Mindfulness Coach | Work from Home Yoga 


Here’s the problem: we know mindfulness has its benefits, but when was the last time you actually implemented it into your work day? 

It’s easy to feel relaxed when on your vacation at the beach, sipping a Mai Thai with an OOO auto-reply set up. It’s much harder to feel that same sense of calm and freedom in the middle of back to back Zoom meetings, barking dogs and a late Doordash order. 

Here are my top 5 favorite mindful ways to reduce stress in your work week:

Incorporate breaks into your workday to combat brain fog.

Stepping away from our work for rest and recovery isn’t something we need to feel guilty for doing. It actually enables us to show up more productively and energetically on the projects that mean the most to us. Time investing inward gets multiplied in the long run and allows us to sustainably put our best foot forward.

Start a meditation practice to recharge and recalibrate your mental health.

You’ve probably heard meditation is good for you, but what if you’re someone who can’t sit still? How do you start? And why would this help you in your work life?  Meditation is an opportunity to pause, process, reflect, and calm the mind. Just a couple minutes to start out here and there will do. Anxiety, stress, and lack of focus will begin to shift and decrease with a consistent practice.

Start biohacking your life to optimize your workweek.

If you’ve never heard of biohacking before, it can sound like a weird and intimidating concept. But it’s really just about designing and optimizing your lifestyle to upgrade your health and wellness through choices that are unique to your body and personality. This could look like eating nutritious foods that fuel your body, incorporating movement into your day, or going outside to get some Vitamin D.  

Use breathing techniques to calm your nervous system.

As simple as it sounds, there are so many breathing techniques, like box breathing, that you can utilize to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and convince your body to chill out when you are stressed or anxious. Having these techniques in your toolkit can be a gamechanger and can be utilized on short notice for immediate, fast-acting benefits.

Try out restorative yoga before bedtime for deep sleep.

As go-getters who thrive on endless to-do lists and bottomless cups of coffee, it can be difficult to take a moment to rest and slow down. Even when the day is over, our minds may still be whirling with ideas. Restorative and yin yoga are the perfect styles of yoga to counteract a busy work week, release tension in the body, and teach us how to consciously let go of stress.

Know that you can start small, experiment, and figure out what works best for you. There are no rules when it comes to mindfully optimizing your workflow: you’re in the driver’s seat! 

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