Hi – this is the first post in a series called:

12 Things You Can Do With Walker Tracker

(that you might not have known about)

I’m going to run through a few nifty Walker Tracker tricks and explain how each of them work. To see each of the series, you can click on the ‘12 things you can do with Walker Tracker‘ category. Feel free to ask questions under each post.

1) Add steps by text message (or chat!)

Walker Tracker would like to talk to your mobile phone!

Add a step and step blog entry, check on your Walker Tracker friends or view your stats. Adding steps by text message makes it really easy to stay up to date on your steps when you’re not around a computer.

Here’s how:

Go to your preferences

Preferences is under 'your stuff'

Click on ‘mobile phone integration’ right there at the top.

add steps by text 2

Oh no...the dreaded red shoe -- I'm running below the monthly step goal I set for myself.

Hook up your phone

Send a new text message on your phone to this number:


with the text: YourUsername:YourPassword

Bilbo's password is too guessable!

Bilbo's password is too guessable!

Walker Tracker will answer back within a few seconds to let you know how it worked out.

Walker Tracker accepts various commands. See them all here https://walkertracker.com/index.php?page=devices

Walker Tracker accepts various commands. Log in to see them all here https://walkertracker.com/index.php?page=devices

Feel free to reply with a ? or menu at any time for a list of options.

Add Today’s Step Entry

To add today’s step entry, just reply with a number.

eg: 6471

Or add a step entry/blog for any date using this format:

  • [####] [date] [blog entry] – send a number, a date and a blog entry and it will record your steps/blog for that date 
    eg: 4838 Oct7 I’m currently hiking up the side of a mountain!

*If you’re outside of the USA/Canada, have a look at the devices page to hook up an Instant Messaging account.

This feature is included in Walker Tracker Pro accounts and all Employee Walking Program accounts. Please keep in mind that your phone service might have text-messaging fees.

Good luck!