Step Challenges & Wellness App to keep your workforce healthy & happy.

We make it easy to run step challenges that will increase staff engagement, build team camaraderie and improve employee health.

Walking and Wellness programs for corporations

How step & activity challenges works

In an activity or step challenge, people take part in fun and engaging activities competing with themselves or against colleagues and friends – individually or in teams. Progress is tracked automatically and results are posted on a virtual map or leaderboard so participants can see how they’re doing.

If you aren’t a walker or runner, we’ve got you covered. With our activity-to-step converter, we provide over 120 exercises and activities, including wheelchair accessibility!

The goal? Creating and forming healthy habits that outlast the challenge itself.

Set your goals

Want to increase engagement? Build camaraderie? Boost physical wellness and mental health?

Create your first step challenge

Confidently create a unique step challenge with our streamlined startup process

Build your step challenge

Confidently create your perfect step challenge with our streamlined startup process

Onboard your team

We have a perfect complement of tools to ensure you get maximum participation

Keep members engaged

From day one to the grand finale Walker Tracker makes engagement and motivation easy

Execute your step challenge

From day one to the grand finale Walker Tracker makes execution easy

Recap and grow

Turn health trends and achievements into long-term engagement and employee support

Walker Tracker makes it easy to build and run your own customized activity & step challenges. Our built-in activity converter translates activities into steps, and Walker Tracker pairs with virtually every fitness device or app – so no one’s left out. We collect and display that real-time wellness data on a private and secure virtual map and fun leaderboard.

It’s fun, inclusive team building that helps everyone achieve their personal wellness goals.

Ready to get started? 

People are talking about Walker Tracker

"Each Walker Tracker campaign is more successful than the last!"

— Carrie, Moda Program Administrator

“I appreciate Walker Tracker’s continual quest for innovation and customer-centered design! ”

– Jennifer Harris, Healthy St. Lucie

"I have been using this site for over 10 years and I still find it one of the most important sites for managing my weight and exercise."

Walker Tracker member

"Walker Tracker has been a huge hit with our employees for 3 years now and it is in part to the great people at Walker Tracker."

– Client of Walker Tracker

"This platform was amazing to work with and so easy to navigate. We will definitely be using Walker Tracker again."

 Jessica Halsey, Community Health Educator, Hancock Public Health

"I’ve been using the site for over 6 years - it keeps me motivated to do more!"

Walker Tracker member

"I sent a survey out and 100% said that they would participate again."

Mona Tropf, Michigan Education Association

"It's the best walking program ever designed!"

Gregory Townsend, Jefferson County Dept of Health

"Not only is it motivating seeing my progress on the maps. The charts have helped me so much. I have lost 50 pounds since I started using this site!"

Walker Tracker member

What makes Walker Tracker better

device icon

Device Compatibility

Walker Tracker pairs to virtually all popular devices with seamless integration

activity icon

Activity Converter

A built-in converter that translates activities into steps, with over 120 exercises, including wheelchair accessibility

onboarding icon

Onboarding Support & Playbooks

Easy onboarding and continued support

icon of a map

Virtual Maps

Promote fun, engaging walking and activity challenges among members

social icon

Social Tools

Tools for teams, commenting, photo sharing, message boards, and friend lists

wellness icon

Wellness Tools

Help promote good health with a suite of tools for body and mind

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Download reports that display step, wellness, or engagement statistics based on individuals or teams

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Communication Suite

Automated progress emails and easy admin communication newsletters increase motivation

Corporate Wellness Case Study


Moda Health Nearly Quadruples Activity with Walker Tracker

Walker Tracker is excited to share how our collaboration with Moda Health revitalized corporate wellness initiative.

Everyone is included

Walker Tracker integrates with all major wearables & mobile apps. So everyone in your organization has the freedom chose what works best for their individual needs.

Many popular smartwatches may also be able to send steps to Walker Tracker via Google Fit. Learn more here.

Clients Love Us

From feedback from users on major app stores, direct input from admins in customer satisfaction scores, or ratings on leading software review websites, Walker Tracker consistently stands above the rest.

Award Winning Mobile App

We take great pride in our mobile-first approach.  Over 85% of our members utilize the mobile experience for on-the-go access and engagement!