OUR PROGRAMS Walker Tracker set the bar for map-based walking challenges when we first started over ten years ago. Since then, we've continued to innovate into a highly flexible template for wellness programs and challenge events that extend far beyond step tracking. Team events, company vs company challenges, long-term wellness tracking and rewards, short-term competitions; all are possible and easy to implement. Walker Tracker programs are designed to help you build wellness into your culture.
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Tell us about your organization's wellness goals and we'll construct a custom program to help you get there. Whether you're just looking for a short-term challenge to engage employees and promote team building, or comprehensive wellness solutions to make lasting impact on employee health, we have a program plan for you.
Custom Branded Portal Our programs are made to look like an extension of your organization's existing site. Need your own domain? We do that too.
Data Reporting and Analysis Program data is available in our dashboard(s) and for download. Everything you need to analyze your program is easily accessible.
Engaging Social Platform Employee interactions and connections help integrate wellness into your culture.
Robust Communications Tools Built-in ability for you to email your participants, timed announcements, customized challenge milestones, text/sms messaging and automatic stats reports for each participant.
Free for spouses It's true! Employee participation and outcomes are much improved when their spouses participate. As the saying goes, you're as fit as your friends! We provide a way to get everyone involved without impacting the budget.
Mobile app for iPhone and Android Modern, delightful apps. Our iOS app allows step tracking via Apple Health integration, and on Android, use Google Fit.
Small/medium business programs Turnkey programs for businesses that don't have full-time wellness administrators.
Flexible Team Building Walker Tracker lets you have teams on multiple levels.
Project Management You're never alone. A Walker Tracker wellness expert is there to manage your program from start to finish.
Use The Best Device We integrate with nearly every major activity tracker. Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings, Misfit, Garmin, Moves, Apple Health/Watch, Google Fit.... we have you covered.
Incentives management Walker Tracker offers a truly unique (and fun) approach to wellness incentives - flexible, goal-based awards on a fixed budget. Plan your wellness program, set goals, and offer rewards to those who meet the criteria. No need to guess on how many will qualify, Walker Tracker takes your available budget and awards it to qualified participants in a dynamic game-like program that inspires long-term commitment to program goals.

The Walker Tracker platform is built to accommodate your specific culture and program requirements. Privacy, team structures, reward systems, branding and communications, map challenges, and many other features are quickly and easily modified to your specifications.