Hey Walker Track community! My name is McKenzie, and I am a new addition to the Walker Tracker team here in Portland, Oregon. I was born and raised in Portland, therefore I have grown up around a plethora of like-minded people who enjoy wellness, good coffee and nature as much as I do. I recently graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Public Health. My area of focus was Health Promotion and Healthy Behaviors. The last 5 years at OSU have provided me with a ton of awesome information to share with you.

I have most recently been spending my free time experimenting with plant-based cooking, and strive to make every meal I share with others a learning experience. I am passionate about vegetarian lifestyle and strive to surprise my friends and family with amazing, nourishing vegetarian and vegan meals. I love discovering new hikes in our beautiful state, surfing, taking yoga and dance classes, drawing, painting and challenging myself by learning to use new art mediums. I also always keep an eye out for the newest trends in wellness, whether it be a new superfood or a crazy theory that getting less sleep can make you happier…

I am a huge fan of all types of music, bonus points if it’s live! I can usually be found at a local show, or at a weekend festival dancing with friends (one of my favorite ways to get active). There’s nothing quite like the amazing energy a crowd groovin’ to the same beat provides.

So there’s a bit about me, make sure to keep an eye out for some upcoming posts on the blog!




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