I’m joyful and excited about introducing you to our new addition: Jessica Nelson Kohel. As Head of Product at Walker Tracker she’ll be guiding our product roadmap, connecting all our teams, and helping us to launch the best features you could (or, perhaps, already did) ask for! She’s bright, she’s witty, she’s extremely organized, and her dog Pepper is stealing hearts in our Portland headquarters. Welcome, Jessica!

Meet Jessica

I am very excited to join the Walker Tracker team and combine my health & fitness interests with my web technology background. I love working for start-ups and watching the ways in which we can grow and deliver new features and experiences to our users. I am really looking forward to doing this for a company that emphasizes movement and promotes a healthier lifestyle for our members.

More about me…I am a native Oregonian (originally from Eugene, Go Ducks!) and am happy to call Portland home after spending 10 years living in both Seattle and Los Angeles. When I am not working, I enjoy hanging out with my husband, our 3 year old daughter, and our amazing French Bulldog mix, Pepper. We love to travel, eat at Portland’s amazing restaurants, and do any number of the amazing outdoor activities Oregon has to offer. I also love to cook, see concerts, and garden in our awesome back yard. You can also find me doing Goat Yoga on a random Sunday here and there.


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