Walker Tracker now integrates with Moves app for Android

moves-logo-206x206Congratulations to our integration partner Moves! Today they released an Android version of their popular iPhone app that integrates with Walker Tracker.  Get instructions on integrating Moves and Walker Tracker on your devices page, or drop us a line to talk about having Moves integrated into your program.flat-storyline-full-us


Moves app tracks your bicycling/running speed, changes conversion

I’m really enjoying using the Moves app along with my Pebble.
I bike every day to our new office — and we built it so that Moves plugs in the conversion for you. Since Moves knows how far you’ve traveled, and how long it has taken you, we can calculate the speed.

Using speed, we know how much effort was put into the activity (bicycling or running), and we can auto-convert based on that. Higher speed means a higher step conversion, of course.


I’m finding it very motivating to try to push for a faster time, knowing that my conversion will be much higher.

Moves iPhone app icon

New: Track your steps auto-magically with Moves

Moves iPhone app iconIn addition to the Pebble, we have integrated with the fantastic iPhone and Android pedometer app Moves.

Simply connect Walker Tracker with Moves, and your step data will be added automatically. But not just step data: Moves tracks bicycling and running as well.



Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 10.56.50 AM

WT Community users who are ‘pro’ can use this feature immediately by accessing the ‘Your Devices’ page. Look under the drop down on your stats page. Companies and organizations using Walker Tracker – please have your administrator contact us about adding Moves into your program.