New: Walker Tracker iOS 2.0!

Today we have a new iOS version available. Hooray!

IMG_3656 IMG_3657 IMG_3658

Grab your copy now

This new version features a totally re-designed

  • Activity Stats pane
  • Activity Log pane
  • Activity-adding, step journal photo uploading panes.
  • Apple Health connection
  • Competition Chooser

We also rebuilt the app entirely in Apple’s new language, Swift, which we hope will be an excellent platform moving forward. Expect the pace of releases to accelerate.

Let us know what you think — of course we’d really like your positive review. If you have issues, please contact support, we’d love to help.

New: iOS – teams pane redesign + activity converter!

Last week we released version 1.4 of our iOS app which included a re-built activity converter that’s customizable by your program administrator. You’ll find all of the convert-able activities that you see on the website now. Hooray!

This week, there’s a re-built Teams pane. See your team average, the leaderboard, and chat with your team mates. We think you’ll like this version a lot better. We’ll keep making it better — Let us know what you think… and of course, if you like it, nothing says so more than a review on the app store (wink wink).

IMG_6502 IMG_6503