You asked for better weekly stats

Our programing elves have been hard at work… We’re always improving the Walker Tracker program, and we always love to hear ways that we can make Walker Tracker better for you. Over the last year, many of our clients have requested regular status emails sent to their walkers to both increase engagement in their company wellness initiative, and to provide real-time feedback on walking performance.

We thought this was a great idea!

Based on your input, we’ve built a  (rather handsome) weekly status email (see screen shot below). The email shows your walkers what they’ve done in the last week—total steps taken, miles covered, and calories burned, plus it gives an update on how they’re doing in the competition and how they’re performing compared to their friends. We also have an area for health and wellness tips, and we’re collaborating with a certified fitness coach to help us build great, relevant, and useful content, every week. Employees can easily turn this off in their settings (each email contains instructions how), or you can turn it off program-wide in your Admin Features area.

Thanks for all your great feedback, and keep the requests coming. This is your tool, and we want to hear from you.

Is driving related to obesity (spoiler: yes)

Good Magazine has a fantastic graphic comparing state ranking in walking / biking / public transportation / car usage versus obesity rates. It doesn’t pull any punches. Entitled: Driving Is Why You’re Fat, I think it’s pretty easy to guess the outcome of their analysis. Here’s a sample (lower numbers on cars means less driving, lower numbers on others means more of that activity):

Good Magazine - 'Driving is why you're fat'

Go District of Columbia! Have a look at the chart to check out your state. Meanwhile, I’ll be here re-assessing my transportation options…

Oregon seems to do OK – we have a great bike community. As for walking, we’re 13th in the nation.


What day of the week do you walk the most?

I guess this is why weekdays feel like weak days (harr harr).
My chart over the last 30 days is even more pronounced. I’m definitely in a winter lull, but Mondays seem especially hard. Knowing this – I’m going to work some schedule changes into Monday.

Charts by day-of-the-week now in your Graphs area!

Also, Walker Tracker has a small CafePress store now too, if you feel like showing your WT colors.