The Jacob Encounter

We’re over the moon to introduce you all to one of our newest rock star Walker Tracker family members.  Drum roll, please…..

Introducing Jacob Martin!

Jacob is our brand spankin’ new full-stack software engineer! His energy is contagious and his bowling game is on point.  Let’s dig a little deeper and see what Jacob is all about….


  1. Are you from Portland? if not, where are you from and why did you migrate here?

I spent most of my life in New Mexico, then moved to Portland because I’m a musician and I really love the music scene here.


  1. What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy playing guitar, synthesizers, and drums.  I mostly write electronic dance music (a la Daft Punk) and soft introspective folk (a la Elliott Smith).


  1. So far, what do you like about the Walker Tracker culture/team/environment?

My primary motivation for joining the team was to work with the awesome people I engaged with during the interview process.  Walker Tracker is full of passionate and accommodating people who really made me feel welcome.


  1. What’s something our app does that you dig?

I’ve always enjoyed having friendly competitions between groups (or factions!) in an office setting, and Walker Tracker provides exactly that in an automated service.  Also, everyone wins as contributing to your team also contributes to your personal health!


  1. Tell me about your health regime – what do you do for your wellbeing?

Each day, I do at least one 20 minute meditation session, and aim to do it out in nature when possible.  I love hiking and cycling, as well as downhill longboarding and rock climbing.



Welcome aboard Jacob – we are so happy to have you!

The Walker Tracker Family


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