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What we do

A worry free walking program for corporations and organizations. An employee engagement tool for changing your wellness culture. A social and challenge framework built to engage and inspire you.

What We Do

Expertise and Support

You’ll love our software. But we’re more than software. We've run hundreds of programs for tens of thousands of employees. When you walk with us, you get our team and our expertise on your side.

Expertise and Support

Engaging & Social

Keep your employees motivated by keeping them interested. Our program runs on a game-like social platform, which increases use and boosts the fun factor.

Social Engagement


Every company is different. We don’t ask you to squeeze yourself into start dates or team sizes. Pick when you start, how far you walk, and how long your walking program runs. Toggle our features on or off. Walk a walk that's relevant to you.

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A Worry-Free Walking Program for Companies and Organizations

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Our clients include family businesses, Fortune 500 companies, schools, colleges, government, and non-profits.

Walking programs work. They save money, reduce absenteeism, and improve morale.

Walker Tracker can make your walking program
1) Easy
2) Fun
3) Cost effective.

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How it works

Learn how we can power your walking or wellness program!

See our process for running a first-rate walking program, complete with employee statistics and reporting.


Not affiliated with a corporate or organization wellness program? Check out our walking program for individuals and register here: Community Walker Tracker

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“This is the best walking program ever.”

— Mary Kopp, Hertz Wellness Administrator

“I thought it was great! It was a good way to get moving — it's so easy to sit at your desk all day and forget to get up. It's also nice to see people taking walks around the building (both inside & out).”

— American Greetings participant

“I loved that it factored in reality — it was not only for traditional steppers and it gave a calculation for all my programs - yoga, weight training and use of my wheelchair! THANK YOU!”

— Fallon Community Health Plan participant

“I think it was an excellent program and just made you aware how much or little you walked. With having a desk job, it made me aware that I needed to walk more after work and during lunch.”

— Bruce Power participant

“This program gave me the energy and motivation to push myself toward a healthy life style. It was great competing with other groups and it really helped me to push harder for our team. I am looking forward to more programs like this to help me lead a better and healthy lifestyle.”

— Payment Alliance Intl. participant

“I normally do not like to exercise. I now have a routine to walk and exercise daily.”

— Embassy Freetown participant

“Being able to log my steps and see how I was doing relative to my per-day goal and to my teammates helped inspire me to work harder.”

— Hertz participant

“I am normally active. The competition just pushed me to do more. It was fun, but exhausting trying to stay ahead of the next guy.”

— Venable Law Firm participant

“I really enjoyed the program. I've lost a total of 35 lbs. I plan to continue to walk and improve my health. I look forward to participating in the next step program.”

— Payment Alliance Intl. participant

“This challenge was fun - walking through Transylvania at Halloween time. I know that the 45 minutes to an hour that I walked almost every night kept me from laying on the couch watching the idiot box. And I also know I DID lose weight and I feel TONS better! Thanks for a great event!”

— Payment Alliance Intl. participant

“This experience improved on team building with my co-workers and it also provided the opportunity to communicate about something other than work...friendly internal competition!”

— Fallon Community Health Plan participant

“Building, tracking and giving points was quite simple and made it easy to see how I was doing with keeping up my fitness over time. I liked being able to see my own and my teams stats and then be able to message each other for encouragement. I would definitely participate in a similar activity in the future.”

— Bruce Power participant

“I work out almost daily already, but I find that the challenge gives me that extra push when I'm tired & don't feel like working out. Tracking my daily exercise is a motivator, since others can view our exercise blogs, and I also don't want to let my team down.”

— Hertz participant

“I lost weight and was sleeping better. Having my teammates to compete against really helped me to achieve those added steps to meet my goal. I wish the program was longer. Knowing that I was a part of a team and would ruin the team average if I did not participate helped me to be active.”

— Fallon Community Health Plan participant

“I have always been a walker. This made me accountable. I loved it. I hope we do it, again, real soon.”

— Hertz participant

“This was a great way to increase my physical activity. I found myself going the extra mile to do an activity so I could meet my goal and/or beat the steps I walked the previous day. It was a fun way to start a positive habit.”

— Hertz participant

“Just loved this challenge! Enjoyed the team work effort. We had all levels of walkers on our team, we all encouraged each other. Most of us are still wearing our pedometers and keeping track. Can't wait for the next challenge.”

— Hertz LAX participant

“Thank you for this opportunity, you made it fun! I was motivated to get outside more and derive the benefit from the fresh air as well as the walking.”

— Fallon Community Health Plan participant

“I lost 10 lbs. From this experience, I was able to jump start my exercise regiment with ease, and then the awareness of my food intake kicked in.”

— Venable Law Firm participant

“It serves as a silent coach because the thought of it always urges me on.”

— Embassy Freetown participant

“The walking program was a great way to immediately feel a part of the AG team. They went out of their way to make sure the interns and new hires could and would be included. It definitely was a way to bond with new co-workers while motivating all of us to stay healthy.”

— American Greetings participant

“Great program, feel much better, lost 15 lbs, I haven't stopped. I needed the push and some direction/motivation and this came at a great time.”

— American Greetings participant